How to uncover those inner gifts?

Can schools embrace spontaneity?

Heart of a book
Most educational systems focus on developing the mind.
What about the heart?
Which socio-emotional skills can be taught
to help deal with an increasingly complex world?
If we want our children to thrive,
they need to understand themselves
at least as well as they understand books!
Trust yourself
Sounds nice.
But if we're taught to always seek for answers outside of us,
how can we learn to trust that the secret to life lies within?
What can be learned from alternative schooling methods?
The hands-on learning from Montessori;
The magic of Waldorf;
The social intelligence of unschooling;
The spontaneity of free schools –
Each method has something valuable to teach us.
Girl in field
A globally-recommended minute of silence and contemplation.
Every day, our children take a moment to look within.
What do they discover?
An infinite universe waiting to be explored.
Book vortex
Which practical skills would have been really useful to have learned in school?
What if you had learned how to:
• Manage your finances like a Pro, & pay taxes!
• Build a website & write basic code
• Make graphic art & get marketing skills
• Cook, or even grow food at home
• Organize any area of your life, masterfully
• Evaluate your habits and use of time
Bored with reading
It's a new world out there.
Which new skills – inner and outer – do we actually need for it?

What we
work towards


A truly wholesome schooling?

Traditional education is great for stimulating the mind, but often disregards a child’s emotional wellbeing and may not be the best preparation for a fast-changing world. But alternative schooling methods don’t always make for well-rounded and truly happy individuals either. In this day and age, what is truly important in a child’s development? Which methods serve to reveal the child’s ultimate purpose in life, in addition to providing the tools they’ll need?


Conventional schools change too!

Schools far and wide are adopting new models and programs that stimulate a child’s inner growth and bring wellbeing. How best to deal with challenging social issues in middle school and high school? How are collaborative models replacing old competition-based paradigms? Can emotional intelligence be taught systematically? We are all students in this bold new endeavor.

Uncovering the heart

Turning it off

The mind is a powerful tool that needs to be forged and ever-expanded, but no one ever teaches us to turn it off. When the tool takes over and rules our lives, we are at mercy of its whims and desires. If schools also taught us to silence our minds – perhaps just for a minute – they’d be teaching true magic. But are there any Dumbledore’s out there?

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